Agile Project Management - Get started with Scrum and Kanban (in English)


In an increasingly complex world, it is essential to be able to adapt to changing environmental conditions and variable customer requirements in the shortest time possible. Low change costs and a fast Return on Investment are important parameters of an agile approach. Although agile procedures were originally at home in the IT, they are becoming increasingly popular beyond software development. Would you like to make your company more agile in order to be able to offer your customers better added value? Do you already work in agile projects, but you are stuck and need more professional input to take it a step further? This seminar will support you in how to start, apply and optimize the advantages of agile project management. The seminar will help you in the preparation for the certification as an Cert. Agile Project Manager (IAPM) of the International Association of Project Managers.


Suitable for those interested not only in the IT industry, but for all employees in agile projects and managers who want to make their organizations more customer-oriented and flexible. Also suitable for anyone who is looking for a certification as the seminar will support you in the preparation to the Cert. Agile Project Manager (IAPM) of the International Association of Project Managers. The cost of the certification fee is not included in the course fee.

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The 3-day seminar provides all the necessary basics for beginners and a qualification for advanced students. There are answers to the questions: When should I preferably use an agile project approach as opposed to a more traditional method? Who plays which role in the project team? What are the requirements of Scrum, Kanban and agile concepts? The overview of topics: The challenges of a VUCA World Basics of agile project management The Scrum framework - Roles, Artefacts, Events Visualisation of the Workflow: Working with Kanban


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Foundations of agile project management The challenges of a VUCA World Definition of agility If long term planning is impossible The Cynefin system analysis Basics of agile project management From agile manifesto to agile project management Agile values, concepts and principles Agile concepts The Scrum Framework Roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team Artifacts: Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Release Burndown Chart and Sprint Burndown Chart, Product Increment, and more Events: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective "Soft" factors in Scrum Visualisation of the Workflow: Working with Kanban Kanban Concepts The Kanban board - Workflows, Flight Levels, Replenishment Metrics in Kanban (Work in Process, Blockers, Throughput and more) How to handle Tasks - Service Level Agreements The certification system of the IAPM International Association of Project Managers overview Certification to Cert. Agile or Senior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) About the certification The Cert. Agile Project Manager (IAPM) is a certification level that indicates basic knowledge in Agile Projects. The Agile PM Guide 2.0 provides the foundation for the knowledge questions. Exam contents are hard and soft factors in agile project management. For the admission to this certification level it is not necessary to prove a history in agile work. Of course, experience in agile projects is an advantage. Your advantages with a Certified Agile Project Manager (IAPM) certification at IAPM: No work experience necessary Comfortable online test procedure Flexible exam date Internationally recognized certificate Competitive Advantages & Career Jumping Board No recertification necessary

This training introduces you quickly and efficiently into the concepts of agile project management. From setting up the teams to successful workflow, we take you step by step through the project! The trainer provides the theoretical input and ensures the transfer of the theory of agile project management into your everyday project life. Workshops, presentations and discussions alternate with each other, ensuring a high degree of interaction and intensive exchange between participants and trainer. Learning will be an experience for you! Your seminar documents (including textbook, workbook, photo documentation) provide you with valuable assistance above all in the specific project work and in daily use.


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